Stainless Steel Bottles

Beverage leaks.
*Do you add the beverage more than maximum label?
--> Reduce the amount. Leave space 1/2 inch from the top.

*Did you attach the gaskets properly?

*Did you close the cap unit properly?

*Did you close the lid tight?

*Did you use scalder or dish washer/dryer?

*Is there any deterioration on the gaskets?
--> Please contact customer service for replacement parts. Replacement parts must be purchased.

*Did you drop/hit the product? Or did you strike the unit?

*Did you close button when it tilted.
--> Hold the bottle upright for a few second and then close the button.

*Did you make sure close the button on the screw cap?
--> Press the close button before close the tumbler.
Does not keep hot/cold.
*Did you drop/hit the product? Or did you strike the unit?
--> The vacuum structure is no longer working this case and the unit is unrepaired.

*Did you pour the hot/cold beverage?

*How much did you pour the beverage?
--> It needs adequate amount to keep the beverage hot/cold.

*Do not wash the outer surface of bottle.
--> It may lead to damage vacuum structure. It will cause the rusting and declining the temperature retention.

*Do you use the product in extremely cold/hot place?
--> The temperature retention decline in extreme weather condition.
Can not open button on screw cap.
*Do you add the beverage to the maximum label?
--> Loosen the screw cap and discard small mount of beverage.

*Do not shake the body after adding hot water. It will give a pressure to the cap unit so that open button may hard to push.
--> Loosen the screw cap and release the pressure first and then push the open button. Close the screw cap while the button is open.
Discolor of the inner vessel.
*The inner vessel is made of stainless steel. However, it rust-like discoloration come from iron in the water. There is mineral deposit.
--> Please clean with citric acid or white vinegar. Mix with the citric acid/white vinegar and hot water, leave it for a few hours, and then wash with soft sponge.
*The bottle may smell at the beginning of usage.
--> Add the hot water and close the screw cap. Shake it for a minute and then discard water. Repeat this process few times.

*Did you wash?
*Did you keep the beverage for a long pried of time?
*Did you use chlorine breach?
--> Please follow the cleaning direction.