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JKC-R -Induction Heating Rice Cooker- Made in Japan

Induction Heating Rice Cooker Made in Japan

JKC-R -Induction Heating Rice Cooker- Made in Japan

JKC-R - JKC-R -Induction Heating Rice Cooker- Made in Japan

Max1400W* of high-power heating and high-temperature (239˚F/115˚C) steaming ensure that each individual rice grain is cooked to a tasty, fluffy texture.
*Type 1.8L

Capacity : 1.00L / 33.8oz / 5.5cups
UPC : 785830025835

Capacity : 1.80L / 60.9oz / 10cups
UPC : 785830025842


Gourmet Rice Cooking

‘Ultra’ Yummy program is designed to cook rice more tasty.
Add slightly more water for the ‘Ultra’ Yummy program.
It soaks rice in water for twice longer time than plain rice, and heats to a high temperature for very flavorful rice.

Multilayer metal pan is the key of flavor rice

Multiple layers of different metals improve thermal diffusion and rapidly transmit high heat generated by Powerful IH.
Double circulation effect and heat-retaining structure eliminates uneven cooking.
Thanks to these 2 unique technologies, each grain of rice is cooked entirely and evenly.

11 computerized cooking menu settings


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Model no. JKC-R10U / JKC-R18U
Capacity [liter/ounce/cups] JKC-R-10U : 1.00 liter / 33.8 oz / 5.5 cups
JKC-R-18U : 1.80 liter / 60.9 oz / 10 cups
Electric rating (cook) [watt] JKC-R-10U : 1210 watt
JKC-R-18U : 1400 watt
Electric rating (warm) [watt] JKC-R-10U : 25 watt
JKC-R-18U : 28 watt
Heating method Powerful induction heating
Inner pan 5-layer pan with two copper layers
Far-infrared ray coating
Scratch resistant
Inner pan thickness [mm] JKC-R-10U : 2.5 mm
JKC-R-18U : 2.5 mm
Menu Plain rice, Ultra, Quick, Mix rice, Sweet rice, Porridge, Brown rice, Semi-polished rice, GABA plus.
Menu -'ultra' yummy-
Menu -slow cooking-
Menu -steaming- -
Menu -bread baking-
Inner lid Removable
Warming High temp. Low temp.
Steam cap Removable with steam control ball
Soak timer 10min-60min
Warming elapsed-time display
Timer 2memories
Removable lid
Size (width x depth x height) [cm] JKC-R-10U : 26.0 x 35.5 x 20.3 cm / 10.34 x 13.98 x 7.99 inch
JKC-R-18U : 28.7 x 38.3 x 23.9 cm / 11.30 x 15.08 x 9.41 inch